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  • "Shannon was my first exposure to Access over 17 years ago. She was the first one to run my bars. At the time I wanted to die (no drama, just a reality) and after that very first bars session i wanted to LIVE! Shannon’s first sessions and classes totally changed my life and I am so grateful to know her today."
    Dr Dain Heer
    United States
  • "You are so cool and amazing! I just listened to the replay from the tele-call yesterday, I couldn’t attend live. I’m so grateful for you and for me choosing to take part of these amazing creations and magic. I love that you are so certain and straight forward. You make me stop doubting myself and my knowing. What a gift! Thank you, thank you, thank you! What else is possible together?"
  • "I just wanted to say thank you for this amazing call today!!! I could perceive barriers releasing and crumbling and started to receive even more joy, gratitude & energy from the earth! Wow! The more I listen to it… more and more barriers are toppling over, crumbling down, dissipating and/or transforming. It is allowing me to perceive and receive from others with more allowance and ease (family, friends, clients/patients, all relationships). So much gratitude for your never quitting, never giving in and being the force that awakens…. 🙂"
    United States
  • "WOW. I learned more about bodies in the 3 Day Body Class with Shannon than in my whole career as a nurse."
    Mathilde Ponds
  • "Thank you so much Shannon for coming to Norway! The class was awesome, truly life changing! What will it take for the energy of joy and fun and ease to call you back to Norway at some point? Thanks again!"
  • "I’ll start by saying that was the greatest most insightful class I’ve undertaken so far with access!!! Your insight and connection to consciousness and whatever else was inspiring and so long awaited, to be in the presence of someone who lives it, feels it, explores it and creates with it was just simply divine, also confronting and very present. Though simply beautiful ? My life has been made richer and not so lonely having met and experienced your awesomeness and your family is so warm, loving and joyous."
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