What is 12 Life Changing Months?


Are you ready for your true living?

Have you sought and looked and struggled and worked hard and gained and lost and seen flickering glimpses of the life you truly desire yet never seem to have?

Have you given up? Are you still hoping? Are you committed to something that you don’t even know what it is yet?

Do you desire to change your life and the world…. for real?

There are 12 topics, one per month designed to touch on every area of your life, body and being. Giving you the tools, facilitation, push and
awareness to create, gain and have a life that truly works for you.

How far are you willing to go and how much are you willing to choose?

Product Previews

  • Holy Cow! Pure awesomeness. I couldn’t even hear the first 10 minutes of the call – it was like Shannon was speaking another language. How much can shift for me listening to THIS call over the next month?! And the exercise that is to come…Yep…I sense it’s gonna be a doozie!

  • Wow Shannon! The exercise this month was so amazing. Thank you so much for the awareness that is giving me of where I have been pretending to not be awesome; to not knowing what I know and to not having so much to contribute. It’s time and I know it! Your wonderful depth and perceptions are such a huge contribution and I am so thankful to be part of this 12 month adventure. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Thank you for a fabulous call, you have a gift of making change easy and pointless for us to resist…Thank you for your vulnerability, courage and ability to say exactly what will I require to ‘get’ it, I dig how you use every fibre of your being and body to ‘intonate’ the words…its like Shannon language.

  • Wow – upside down, inside out – great call.

  • Thank you Shannon for the ROCKING first call! I have listened to it several times and will continue to. In such gratitude for the energy, the group, the creation, and MUCH More.

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