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The Gift of the Body

 How many of you out there really love your body? Today Shannon and Suzy Godsey invite you to discover what is truly possible with your body and the incredibly dynamic and transformative Access Consciousness® body work. What if your body is not wrong, and is not broken? What if it is actually our [...]

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Access BARS

What is Access Consciousness Bars®? Join Shannon and Lisa Henriksson as they have a fascinating conversation about this dynamic, therapeutic process called the Access Bars®, which is the most foundational tool in Access Consciousness®.  When you really want to transform something in your life, your body - it is through changing the energy, that [...]

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Peace with Money

I did not grow up in a household that had peace with money. How about you? My first education with money from a very early age was that of stress, conflict and upset. So I thought this is what money should feel like in my life. Throughout my twenties, I had tons of stress, conflict, [...]

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Körper – wer will schon einen?

Körper -  wer will schon einen? Zumindest habe ich das immer gedacht. Körper können ein sehr interessantes Thema sein, vor allem eines, in das so viele Aspekte verwoben sind. Es sind wortwörtlich 10 Jahre vergangen, in denen ich Access Consciousness® gemacht hatte, bevor ich auch nur begonnen habe zu erkennen, wofür ein Körper wirklich da [...]

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How to Deal with Mean People

How do we deal with mean people, and what does it actually mean to be mean? How many times have you struggled to deal with an interpersonal situation in your life? Are we really given the tools to deal with people and circumstances in a way that works? Or are we constantly in reaction [...]

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