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What is Pain?

 What power are you avoiding with the pain you are choosing? What if you were always functioning from the space of infinite possibilities instead of the problem, the difficulty, or the thing you cannot handle? What if you started looking at the gift in everything?  Today, Shannon is once again joined by her [...]

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Paz com o Dinheiro

Eu não cresci em uma casa que tivesse paz com o dinheiro. E quanto a você? Minha primeira educação com dinheiro desde tenra idade foi de estresse, conflito e aborrecimento. Então eu pensei que era assim que o dinheiro deveria ser na minha vida. Ao longo dos meus vinte anos, tive toneladas de estresse, conflito, [...]

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Paz con el Dinero

Yo no crecí en un hogar que tuviera paz con el dinero. Tu si? Mi primera educación con el dinero desde una edad muy temprana fue de estrés, conflicto y malestar. Entonces pensé que así es como debería sentirse el dinero en mi vida. A lo largo de mis veintes, tuve mucho estrés, conflictos, malestar [...]

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You’re Not Wrong

Have you been trying to fit in all your life? What have you been trying to fit into and is it working? Today’s episode is a conversation about embracing difference. The Access Consciousness® X-Men body of work helps people with unique abilities (labeled by this reality as ‘disabilities’) go from having an awareness and [...]

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