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Actions for Futures

What future is being created by your choices? Most people don’t realize that every action they take is part of creating their lives as they are. If you look back on your life and see some of the things you have chosen, you begin to realize how you got to where you are.  What [...]

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Contos de uma ex-Hippie disléxica – Como fiquei rica!

Você ama dinheiro ou odeia dinheiro? Eu sei, pergunta grosseira. E se a simples realidade de você amar ou odiar dinheiro estivesse no centro absoluto de sua situação monetária neste momento? Eu tenho atendido pessoas por anos e anos, trabalhando sem parar para melhorar sua situação financeira e inevitavelmente elas acabam mais ou menos no [...]

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Relationship on Access

 Do you desire greater consciousness for your relationships? Today, Shannon is joined by her husband Max Zoulek to talk about how the tools of Access Consciousness® have contributed to their relationship and how you can have greater awareness with your relationships. Stuff comes up in every relationship, and every relationship has problems, but [...]

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 Is Joy a choice? How many of you have noticed that joy can be a very lacking energy or element in your lives and in the world? Today’s podcast is a conversation about Joy. The mantra of Access Consciousness® is: “All of life comes to me with ease, joy, and glory®.” What if [...]

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