If you are reading this, you probably have a body =)

How is your body right in this moment?

I would love to start to talk with you about the joy of embodiment.

How many points of view are out there about the right way to be with your body? Not only physically but morally as well.
Has any one ever asked the body what works for it and what doesn’t?

How many of you have found your body to be a punishment? How many of you have found your body to be a joy? Which one prevails in your life?

So let us begin a very different journey, a journey of freeing the body from all the shame, blame and judgment we heap on it. 

Can you imagine what your body would be like if you never judged it? Imagine if your body was your best, most trusted friend?

Would that be different than your current relationship with your bod?

What if the point of being alive was to have the greatness of embodiment? What is the greatness of having a body?
Are you willing to have your body?

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