Creating 2019

 Are you ready to create your life? Creation is something that is often at times gravely misunderstood, but also desperately essential for all of our lives, so what better time to really dive into creation and look at applying it to our lives and to creating our 2019. How many of you have [...]

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How Does a Question Create?

Asking a question is one of the essential elements required in true creation, and a foundational tool used in Access Consciousness®. Although asking a question seem relatively easy and simple, unfortunately very few people know how to be in the question. Why ask a question? Albert Einstein said if he had an hour to solve [...]

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Growing up with Rasputin

When I was eleven years old, my dad started channelling. For those of you who don’t know what channelling is, it’s when someone ‘leaves their body’ and another being comes in to speak. My parents were always into ‘alternative’ and ‘spiritual’ things, and channelling was just one of the many things my parents were into. [...]

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What is your sexual reality? Is it about being right, being in a relationship, or fitting in? If we acknowledge these things about ourselves, these deep truths, we can do something with that awareness. If we are in denial, we lie to ourselves, and we can’t create something greater. Shannon and her husband Max [...]

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What is lust anyway? What if lust was “the energy that makes bodies want to live?” How different is that from what we’ve learned from this reality? Can we experience lust without judgement, violence, anger, or insanity attached to it, just as a pure sexual energy that’s generative? If we can acknowledge the gift [...]

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All Roads Lead To Access Foundation

I have been around to watch Access Consciousness® evolve from the first ever class my dad did in the converted garage out behind our house to the international powerhouse it is today. It all started with my dad channelling the Bars and the few people who came to learn. My sister and I were the [...]

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What Would You Like to Choose?

You can have an easy life, you just have to choose it. Shannon O’Hara shares the inspirational story of her journey from suicidal depression to running a multi-million dollar business, traveling the world and experiencing joy in everything she does. In her very first podcast, she explores how you can experience all of life [...]

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Hotel Fitness

I grew up in yoga and Pilates studios. I discovered yoga when I was 15 at my local YMCA (this was just before yoga got really popular in California) and I wondered why no one had ever told me about it?!? For the first time in this life time, my body was singing and I [...]

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