EPISODE 30. | Changing Your Stars

Everything you choose today is creating the future you will have tomorrow. What can you do or be today that will create the tomorrow you would like to see? It’s much easier to live by these words than by the destiny you’re “meant” to have. In Access Consciousness, we break destiny and access choice. Instead of destiny, we have creation.

Today, Gary Douglas, Shannon’s father and the founder of Access Consciousness, is on the show to talk about stereotypes, how we sometimes tend to march to the same drum as everybody else, and why we don’t have to buy anyone else’s point of view about how we are “supposed to be.”

Listen to learn about stereotypical points of view, astrotypical personalities, and how you can change your stars. This conversation gives you a place to recognize where you have been trying to seek a stereotype that isn’t actually working because it isn’t who you be. If you don’t live from stereotypes and you don’t try to control yourself through stereotypes, then you can actually live and choose.

Key takeaways:

  • Stereotypical points of view
  • There’s no “supposed to be”
  • The willingness to not be normal
  • Stereotypes are incongruent with being
  • Astrotypical personalities
  • You can change your stars


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