Episode 35 | Circle of Manifestation

When you ask for something and it shows up as if by magic, that’s manifestation. Manifestation is part of the spectrum of receiving from the quantum entanglements of the universe. You don’t make things happen with manifestation, you allow things to show up. 

Today, Shannon is joined by her father Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness, to talk about the Circle of Manifestation, which is one of the Bars points, and Access Bars® is one of the amazing tools in the Access toolbox. 

Listen to learn how you can start allowing things to show up in your life by being willing to receive and being willing to do whatever it takes to create what you want. Manifestation happens when you’re willing to allow the quantum particulates of the universe, which create the magical possibilities of things, work for you and with you.

Key takeaways:

  • What is manifestation?
  • The difference between actualization and manifestation
  • Your willingness to receive determines what can manifest
  • The universe will try to create for us if we allow it
  • Get your Bars run


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