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  • Last months call was a HUGE “eye opener” for me. I am faced with my awareness, my knowing and there is no BUT, there is no where to hide… you shine so bright there are no shadows to hide anywhere – if I talk to you I get to be honest, present, clear –
    THANK YOU! The space you are in these calls is priceless, it is unmatched for me and I believe for so many others.
    K.G.P, September, 2019

  • Let me share with you a rather shocking event just happened. I down-loaded the money come gift and played it this morning.
    While listening to it, I asked for $30K for my immediate need.
    And guess what I have just received now… exactly $30K in my account. There are some details to it but that’s a separate story.
    How does it get any better than that?! I couldn’t connect the dots between this morning’s ‘asking’ and the money I just ‘received’ just until now.

    J.C, October, 2019

  • Thank you Shannon. Very grateful for your gift here and the creation of the monthly membership. What else is possible now?

    E.D, Nov, 2017

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