Episode 34. | Commitment

Commitment is such a huge way in which we can create greater lives for ourselves and a greater world, but commitment is often treated as a bad word and it’s completely misunderstood. 

Today, Shannon is joined by Simone Milasas, former worldwide coordinator of Access Consciousness, to talk about commitment. Most people look at commitment as being the commitment to others, but in truth, all you have to have is the commitment to yourself. 

Listen to learn how a world of choice and possibilities opens up when you commit to you. So many people look to an outside source to fulfill them, but you’ve got to be the one who fulfills every single thing for you today. 

Key takeaways:

  • The commitment to you
  • Commitment is not losing choice
  • Permission to ask questions
  • Kingdom of we
  • Judgments aren’t real
  • Commitment is misunderstood

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