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What is Conscious Sexualness?

What if sexualness was one of the most dynamic energies for creating a beyond-amazing life?

Conscious Sexualness is the ability and willingness to perceive, know, be and receive all energies with no judgment.

How often do you allow yourself, let alone your body, to receive? In this Series, we will dive deep into exploring the energies of Sex, Sexualness, Sexuality, Sensualness and Copulation.

Get clear for yourself about what you have been aware of and confused about all your life with sexual energies.

What potency lies within the sexual energies of bodies and beings that, when accessed, will create a world beyond this reality?

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I’m so grateful for this series! Today I walked downtown via a path by the river and the sexualness of the flowing water, the birds, the butterflies of the grass and the trees were right there contributing to me in ways I’d not been willing to receive before! Yum!!! I did the Gary walk the whole way and people were smiling at me and saying “hello” and my body and I just buzzed!!! HDIGABTT??!! 


I have just listened to the first half of call 1 and WOW. The awareness I’m having of what these calls can create is SO exciting! I’m so grateful for this conversation! Thank you Shannon! Where can we go that we’ve never considered? What’s possible here beyond all realities with sexualness and embodiment?


The day after the 1st Call I had a date with my partner (who is the 1st man I am having a conscious relationship+sexual experience with) and I recognized that I am more open, more vulnerable, more present… I just feel so much more healed and whole in my connection with myself and my body… after just one call, this is so awesome!!! hdigabtt+weip?! So very grateful that I chose this and for everyone who is a part of it!


I am very looking forward to the next calls and what it will create for me. Thanks for doing it, Shannon, I love the way you work and can see the changes it has created in your life. A true leader by example, that’s what pulled me in. I am having some of that! How does it get better than that? What else can I create that truly is beyond this reality?


Shannon today was the first day I woke up without “hearing” the “nobody likes you” crap….
This morning was clear, the day was clear, and I’m just so so grateful… I have been asking for this for so long…Weip?!