If you could have sex that healed you and your partners body, was fun, created a better world and made you happy would you?

Sex is such a misunderstood super power.

We love sex, we hate sex, we desire sex, we are scared of sex. So why all the fuss? What if sex and sexual energy was one of our greatest gifts with our bodies? Are you receiving it or rejecting it?

What if sex could change your life, heal your body and the earth? What if our bad moods, depression, lack of energy and illness in the body, sense of separation and overall crappiness were due to a lack of sexual energy in our bodies? 

Sex can be amazing and it can also lead to pain, so how do we create and have the sex and sexual energy that heals our lives rather than hurts our lives?

Please enjoy and explore the all the goodies I have for you on this site that can lead to greater awareness with sex and deeply change the way you view and receive sexual energies with your body and the world. 

Sex that Heals

What if sex could heal your body, your partner's body and the planet? What if sex could change our lives by facilitating consciousness? What if that was what sex with [...]