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Access empowers you to know that you know. What does that mean, exactly? 
It’s not about learning from a book or knowledge as it relates to thinking; it’s a knowing that comes from something other than your mind. Access calls it Knowing. Knowing is easy and effortless.

The tools in Access are designed to be practical, efficient and effective. The more you use the tools combined with your awareness, the more ease with change and the more change you can create in all areas of your life.

Access shines a light on those areas in life where most people have swept the good, the bad, and the ugly under a carpet or shoved them in a corner for no one to see, including them. Access shows you where you’ve been cutting off your awareness, hiding your capacities, living in judgment in order to survive, to fit in, to benefit and to not lose.

It does so through giving you practical, simple tools to change what hasn’t been working (finances, relationships, work, business, parenting, etc.) into something that does. It also assists your body to let go of the residue and stress that’s been created in your body through trillions of years of being unaware and trying to get life right. When your body can let go and when you let go of functioning from thinking or feeling, you become free to BE who you really are, not who you’ve been pretending to be or not to be.

You start to have ease with all aspects of living, and change becomes easier and a way of being. You start to change from being at the effect of circumstances to creating and generating a life that works for you, not against you. Then life becomes, what would I like to choose? What would I like to create? What else is possible that I’ve never considered?

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Are you interested in hosting an Access Consciousness class facilitated by Shannon in your city or country? We would love to hear from you. Please submit your application direct to

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  • Please check your spam/junk folders for an email sent from
  • If you report any of our marketing emails as spam or unsubscribe from our mailing list, you will NOT be able to receive emails from our system and you must contact us.
  • Please add to your contact list to ensure deliverability.
  • Refunds are available for telecall series’ within 24 hours of the end of the first call.
  • Refunds for live classes must be requested before lunch on the first day of class.
  • Products that are instantly downloadable are NOT eligible for a refund.
  • Refunds for classes and products may be subject to an 8% non-refundable fee.
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You can also pay with your credit card. Follow the steps to purchase in the cart, enter the PayPal portal and enter your credit card details for payment.

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  • When you add a product to the shopping cart, you will see a notification that tells you “product” has been added to cart.
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Yes our system is designed to automatically show you and apply country pricing adjustments to your orders.

Access Consciousness uses a system of international pricing. Depending on which country you live in you either pay 100%, 80% or 65% to the US dollar. This is a way to honor everyone in having the same possibility to attend classes no matter where you live.

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We recommend you download your files direct to your computer and save immediately. You can then transfer your audio to your other devices from there.

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An email containing the link to download your audio and/or video from class will be sent out after the class has completed. Please add to your contact list to ensure deliverability.

My files aren’t downloading. What do I do?2017-08-21T14:31:08+00:00

If the link to download (from the purchase email) does not work, copy and paste the link into your browser, press enter and access the link to download your files.

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  • An email containing the link to download your audio and/or video purchase is automatically generated upon purchase.
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