What is Create your life?


What would your life look like if you were actively creating it?

How much of your life and your creative energy is caught up and distracted by lack of ease and joy in the area of bodies, relationships, sex, money and your creative vision? 

Do you desire to have ease and joy in all these areas? and if you did then what would you create?

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  • OMG – I love this call and the entire series! This rocked and was exactly what  I was asking for at this time!!

    Thank you Shannon!  What is next??? I love your calls  – they are so expansive and generative!

  • TOTALLY AWESOME! ! Thank you Shannon O’Hara for the gift & contribution for our lives & living. You sure challenged & changed me in my space! Hdigàbtt! XOXO

  • Holy shit this is exactly what I required. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • How do you put to words all the things you don’t have words for? Well, this class blew down barriers to energies that I didn’t even know I had barriers to. 

  • Shannon has a no-nonsense way of talking about “far out there” concepts and takes them from heady into the body experiences. I am so grateful for this series, it has truly changed my life.

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