Episode 33. | Difference is a KEY, not a Curse

What age did you decide it’s too hard to be different? It’s not always comfortable to be different, and we put so much effort into being normal in this reality rather than asking who we are.

Today, Brendon Watt joins Shannon to talk about being different. This reality does not support difference. If you want to be that difference that you are, you have to choose it.

Listen to learn how being different can actually be an advantage, a strength, and be so liberating, even though it is not supported by this reality, and that difference is a key, not a curse. If you have the courage to be the difference that you be, you will be a gift to the world. 

Key takeaways:

  • What does it mean to be different? 
  • Acknowledging that difference is a strength
  • It’s not always comfortable to be different
  • How much effort are you putting into fitting into this reality? 
  • Forcing yourself into asking questions

Difference is a key, not a curse


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