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What are energy exercises?

Energy Exercises are guided energy meditations and so much more.

Welcome to a completely different way of creating and RECEIVING more than you ever thought possible. These exercises will assist you in accessing a deeper level of your perceiving, knowing, being via deep relaxation.

What would it create for you, your body and the universe if we chose to tap into and play with the magical fields of conscious energy that move around and through us every day?

  • Thank you again for this amazing call series!  It is so interesting how my world has been shifting, changing and evolving since the call series started, so hard to put it into words....  M.M

  • It's given me all sorts of tools that aren't cognitive and word-based, which I so appreciate. I don't have to call the tools anything, or think about them, I can just be and use them, hdigabtt? Z.H

  • Shannon and team, thank you for holding the space for these. I've listened to one every day since we started and my whole everything is shifting. S P A C E. J O Y. NO MIND. being the catalyst... boom. such a gift to this planet/universe. Grazi! B.M

  • Hi, the calls have been wonderful. It never ceases to amaze me how deep I go into relaxation when during the calls starts or when I hit replay. I thought maybe it's just one or two call, nope all of them. Thank you, Shannon! M.T

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