EPISODE 11 | . Access BARS

What is Access Consciousness Bars®? Join Shannon and Lisa Henriksson as they have a fascinating conversation about this dynamic, therapeutic process called the Access Bars®, which is the most foundational tool in Access Consciousness®. 

When you really want to transform something in your life, your body - it is through changing the energy, that the transformation can take place. Yet many of us are disconnected from the energy, our body, the planet and consciousness through our points of view, judgments and our mind.

Learn how the Access Bars®, a gentle hands-on modality, was introduced by Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness®, and how this life-changing tool can help transform our realities and restore your capacities with receiving.

What if the Access Bars® could contribute to you accessing more of you, and the gift that you be in the world?

Key takeaways:

  • The story of how the Bars were discovered
  • How do the Bars work?
  • The Bars dissipates and releases the electrical charge, the neurological patterning we create through our thoughts, feelings, emotions, points of view
  • The Bars is one way you can access more of you and whatever energy you have been longing for
  • There are people running Bars and teaching Bars classes all over the planet

Deep dive into more:

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