EPISODE 12 | . The Gift of The Body

How many of you out there really love your body?

Today Shannon and Suzy Godsey invite you to discover what is truly possible with your body and the incredibly dynamic and transformative Access Consciousness® body work.

What if your body is not wrong, and is not broken? What if it is actually our points of view that show up in our bodies? And what if, the sensations, experiences and the sicknesses that you are having with your body, is your body giving you information?

Learn from Suzy, a facilitator of Access Consciousness body work modalities, including the Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment (ESSE), and Shannon, how the Access bodywork facilitates you to having greater communication and communion with your body.

You and your body can create something incredible if you are willing to receive your body, willing to have your body, and be friends with it. What if your body could become your friend?

Can you imagine a world full of happy bodies?

Key takeaways:

  • Consciousness and working with the body
  • What is ESSE?
  • What if it is actually our points of view that show up in our bodies?
  • How many people out there really love their body?
  • The more conscious you get, the easier it is to access the body
  • Access 7 day Body Immersion experience - Bali, Indonesia with Shannon O’Hara and Suzy Godsey

Deep dive into more:



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