EPISODE 13 | . Bodies Talk To Bodies

How do bodies talk to other bodies?

Your body is far more aware than you or your logical mind are. In today's episode, Shannon & Katarina Wallentin invite you to explore a new possibility with bodies and learn what bodies are capable of that no one really talks about.

Listen to discover the ways in which bodies communicate with you and each other, and the gift of the Access Consciousness Body Processes in facilitating greater ease with life and living. 

Our bodies are a huge aspect of consciousness and our being. You may be surprised how aware you can become of bodies around you as you access more consciousness.

The body is a living organism with it’s own voice, are you listening?

Key takeaways:

  • The conversations bodies are having that most of us are oblivious to
  • Access Body Processes allow you to understand the language of energy
  • Peoples lack of consciousness and engagement with the body disconnects their willingness to look at what is going on with the planet
  • Receiving is one of the superpowers of the body
  • What are some things bodies are capable of that no one talks about?

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