EPISODE 14 | . The Space of Embodiment

What is body consciousness? In the world we see so much about how to get the “right body,” and we don’t see enough about how to actually enjoy the body we have. Anytime you judge your body, you are disconnecting and separating from it's gifts.

What if we lived in a world where our body was actually treated as the gift that it is?

Today Shannon is joined by her sister Grace Douglas. Grace is a 3 Day Access Consciousness® Body Class and Process Facilitator, who possesses a rare ease and space with her body.

Listen as Grace shares her energy and awarenesses with Shannon about moving beyond body judgment, peoples struggles with weight, and conflictual relationships with food and eating, into the spacious possibilities with bodies.

What if our bodies could be so much space, that they transformed the thoughts, feelings, emotions, the density and intensity that so many of us experience in the world, and struggle with through and with the body?

What invitation to more joy with our bodies, and a happier world could we be if we were to function from the Space of Embodiment?

Key takeaways:

  • Ask and include your body in everything you do, rather than imposing points of views on it
  • The body is a gift, it is not something you have to work really hard to gain
  • What judgments do you have of your body that you could now destroy and uncreate?
  • Access Consciousness Body Classes can help you discover the gift that your body can be
  • Tools for those struggling with food or addiction and judgment of their body
  • The transformative abilities of expanding out into space, versus contracting into your body


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