EPISODE 18 | . Talk To The Entities

What is entity awareness? Talk to the Entities® is an Access Consciousness® Speciality created by Shannon with the help of her dad, and founder of Access Consciousness®, Gary Douglas.

In Shannon’s first podcast about Talk to the Entities®, she explores what it means to have this capability, how talking to the entities has been such a huge part of her life, and why it’s nothing like what we’ve been taught in this reality.

Shannon was one of those kids who constantly heard voices, saw things, and was aware of things that other people didn’t see, namely ghosts.

Listen as Shannon shares her story about suppressing her ability to talk to entities, how that affected her, and then how she eventually embraced it, realizing that it is actually a strength. When you start embracing your capabilities, the universe rewards you with an infinite sea of possibility, expansion, and ease.

Key takeaways:

  • You can’t actually make an ability go away, you just go unconscious to it
  • What is entity awareness?
  • The gift of awareness
  • Three pillars of Talk to the Entities: Clearing entities, communicating with entities, and receiving from entities
  • What else is possible if you give awareness a chance?
  • It begins with your choice to know what you know
  • Entities are just like people

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