EPISODE 2 | . Sex & Lust

What is lust anyway? What if lust was “the energy that makes bodies want to live?” How different is that from what we’ve learned from this reality? Can we experience lust without judgement, violence, anger, or insanity attached to it, just as a pure sexual energy that’s generative?

If we can acknowledge the gift our bodies are to the world and wake up our bodies and everything we know about how to be with bodies, how to touch bodies, and how to care for each other, it changes everything–including our sex lives.

Lisa Henriksson shares her experiences with sex and lust, how to achieve the joy of embodiment, and what it takes to experience the magic of what else is possible with sex that is caring, curious, and fun.

Key takeaways:

  • Lust is the energy that makes bodies want to live
  • You cannot fully enjoy your body until you get rid of your judgement
  • How much has been locked into our bodies that’s not even ours?
  • Sex can be honouring, and it can be playful
  • When you look at yourself in the mirror, start looking at what’s beautiful and brilliant about you rather than what’s missing

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