EPISODE 21 | . You’re Not Wrong

Have you been trying to fit in all your life? What have you been trying to fit into and is it working?

Today’s episode is a conversation about embracing difference. The Access Consciousness® X-Men body of work helps people with unique abilities (labeled by this reality as ‘disabilities’) go from having an awareness and not knowing what to do with it, to being able to actually use their awareness and embrace their capacities.

Sul Wynne-Jones joins Shannon to talk about his work with Access X-Men and what it means to be weird and different, embrace that difference, and start using it to create rather than judge and resist it. 

Listen to learn what other kinds of communication are available and how you can access an energetic awareness that is a different sense of knowing. Are you willing to have the whole picture of what’s going on in the world? Are you ready to acknowledge the magnitude, depth of awareness, and complexity of it and use what’s different about you to create a different world?  

Key takeaways:

  • What is Access X-Men?
  • Labeled as autistic, why it is not a disability
  • Different forms of communication 
  • The energetic reality of what people say
  • Awareness is an ability and a power 
  • What if what you think is wrong about you is actually what’s strong with you?




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