EPISODE 24 | . Relationship on Access

Do you desire greater consciousness for your relationships? Today, Shannon is joined by her husband Max Zoulek to talk about how the tools of Access Consciousness® have contributed to their relationship and how you can have greater awareness with your relationships.

Stuff comes up in every relationship, and every relationship has problems, but it’s about being willing to work through those issues. What would it take to actually function from question, choice, possibility, and contribution? And what if you didn’t have to get it right? What if there was no getting it right? What if it was choice every step of the way? 

Listen to learn tools for how to make a relationship work, using Access Consciousness® and your own awareness. These tools aren’t just for a marriage, they’re for any relationship. A relationship can only work for you if you acknowledge what’s true for you, first and foremost. What if you asked a question rather than trying to determine and decide what a relationship is? 

Key takeaways:

  • How much are you refusing contribution? 
  • Who are you being in relationship? 
  • Acknowledge what is
  • Stop judging and ask questions instead
  • Why are you doing this relationship?
  • The relationship has to work for YOU first




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