EPISODE 25 | . Actions for Futures

What future is being created by your choices? Most people don’t realize that every action they take is part of creating their lives as they are. If you look back on your life and see some of the things you have chosen, you begin to realize how you got to where you are. 

What you chose created where you are today, and what you choose today will create where you go tomorrow. 

Today, Shannon is joined by her father Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness®, to talk about Actions for Futures and what that means for your life and for the world. Every time you take an action or make a choice, you are actually creating the future you’re going to have to live in. 

Listen to learn how choosing for greater opens the door for you to receive, how your point of view creates your reality, and how you can start investing in your future. Actions for Futures is a superfund for possibilities. It is about beginning to see the world you’d like to create. 

Key takeaways:

  • What’s possible versus what’s predictable and controllable
  • The point of view you take creates your reality, not the other way around
  • No future exists in judgement, only destruction
  • Ask: will this choice create my future?
  • Actions for Futures is a superfund for possibilities
  • Start seeing the world you’d like to create


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