EPISODE 3 | . Sex

What is your sexual reality? Is it about being right, being in a relationship, or fitting in? If we acknowledge these things about ourselves, these deep truths, we can do something with that awareness. If we are in denial, we lie to ourselves, and we can’t create something greater.

Shannon and her husband Max get real and vulnerable discussing, exposing, and discovering their sexual journey and experiences through their own relationship with each other.

Listen to hear how sex can be healing, orgasmic, and so much more when both partners are willing to open up to receiving, be real with each other, and get curious about what else is possible with pleasure and intimacy of sex.

Key takeaways:

  • What’s your sexual reality?
  • Copulation with kindness can be healing
  • Going into reaction keeps you from receiving all the incredible variations of orgasmic energy
  • When we make our points of view or other people’s points of view real or significant, that’s when we get stuck

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