EPISODE 4 | Creating 2019

Are you ready to create your life? Creation is something that is often at times gravely misunderstood, but also desperately essential for all of our lives, so what better time to really dive into creation and look at applying it to our lives and to creating our 2019.

How many of you have tried to create something in your life, or thought you were trying to create something in your life or wanted something to happen in your life, that either didn’t eventuate, or it was too difficult, or you did create it and you discovered that it was not what you wanted in the first place?

Listen to learn how to choose what you would like to create this year and to understand what true creation is. What if you could create beyond your wildest dreams? And what if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Key takeaways:

  • What is true creation?
  • Judgment doesn’t create; judgment destroys
  • Question is essential for creation, for discovery, for change
  • When you are gifting you are simultaneously receiving  
  • What if you asked for this next year to show up better than you could imagine and beyond what you can control?

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