Episode 46 | Relationships

What are your relationships adding to your life?

Many believe that in order to have great relationships you must fulfill the needs of others, but fulfilling their needs while neglecting yours can actually harm them. Relationships can either distract you from creating your life or contribute to it in dynamic and tremendous ways. 

Shannon O’Hara and guest, Brendon Watt, dive into being fulfilled in relationships. Are you creating them with the right intention? 

Listen to their views on relationships and why it’s important to learn what you need to be fulfilled instead of trying to fulfill the needs of others. 

Key takeaways:

  • You have to have a great relationship with yourself in order to have one with someone else
  • People go into relationship maintenance instead of continuously creating their relationships
  • Fulfilling needs is easy but actually looking at what’s true for you can be really uncomfortable
  • Ask yourself, what are you looking for someone else to give or be for you that only you can be for yourself?


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