EPISODE 6 | . Do You Use the Past to Limit You?

How much do you use your conclusions of the past to identify or define who or what you can be today? It’s the web of reference points that gets created by the past, kind of like a spider web, that we get stuck in. If we just had the past with no point of view, we could go anywhere and do anything.

Katarina Wallentin is a certified Access facilitator and host of the Bigger, Better, Best Books podcast. The big conversation today is about how we use the past to limit what’s possible today and in the future.

Listen to Katarina and Shannon in this episode and find out how to destroy and uncreate the reference points and objectives that hold us back, and what it truly means to create your reality. Would you be interested in stepping into a different creative possibility in which you weren’t just surviving your life, but you were actually thriving?

Key takeaways:

  • Having an awareness of the past is not the same as having a conclusion about the past
  • Try imagining what the world could be if everyone woke up with no memory of the past
  • We can alter the world around us through our own inner transformation
  • How much do we use past reference points as a way of not having to be creative today?
  • If we’re always stuck in the past, we’re never developing what’s possible today




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