EPISODE 7 | . What is Consciousness?

How can you create or choose something different? Today Gary Douglas, my father, and the founder of Access Consciousness®, is on the show to talk about consciousness. What exactly is consciousness?

We have an interesting conversation about a topic that is endlessly mysterious. Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing. Most people are trying to be conscious without having an awareness of what they’re trying to be.

Tune in to learn about the tools to create greater consciousness, greater awareness, and less judgement in your life so you have more choices, more possibility, and the gift of you.

Key takeaways

  • Very few people have the awareness that they create their lives
  • Changing your point of view is easy, just choose differently
  • You’re taught to be crippled in this reality
  • It’s only difficult if you think you can’t choose it
  • What is possible you haven’t chosen yet?
  • How many reference points and objectives are you using to maintain your point of view?

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