3 Part Telecall

3 Part Telecall
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In the true method of following the energy we have to announce some changes for this class.

I am changing the start date for the 3 Beginning calls and also for those of you on the Whole Series.

Now this is the interesting part. Every date I try and put them in July is not working. And I noticed the big Family class with Gary & Dain is in late July.

SO!!! What I would like to do is let the FAMILY class happen and then dive into this class. Apparently we need to get through that before we can get to this.

I know this is a big change from my original proposition and if you would like a full refund please email for that.

And if you would like to hang in here with me, this class WILL HAPPEN and its going to be mind blowing and life revolutionizing.

I just want to make sure this class is as awesome and possible as can be. And right now, it is telling me to wait. New dates will be chosen when it is available. I know this is weird way to do something and I hope you can stick it out with me.

I look forward to diving into unraveling and deeply transforming everything that mother brings up and is in all of our worlds.

Do you limit yourself at all based on your Mother?

How many of you have been stuck or limited by the relationships with your Mother?

Join Shannon for a 3 Part Telecall in this invitation to go Beyond Your Mother. We will dive into all the most twisted, hidden, most foundational, fundamental places and spaces where we create our lives, realities, limitations, and personalities.

Whether you love your Mother, hate your Mother, respect your Mother, struggle with your Mother, don’t know your Mother, compete with your Mother, don’t want to be judged by your Mother, feel stuck in the relationship with your Mother, have a primary relationship with your Mother and have never gone beyond your Mother; these calls will address ALL!

No matter what the situation, relationship or dynamic with your Mother, there is so much room for clearing and change. Whether she is alive or without a body now… this Mom stuff really sticks around!

If you are a Mother, this class will be for you. If you have a Mother, this class will be for you.

What if no family limited you?  Would you like a world like that?

Let’s unlock the key that our Mothers can be.

Welcome to Beyond Mother.






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