3 Part Telecall

3 Part Telecall
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Do you limit yourself at all based on your Mother?

How many of you have been stuck or limited by the relationships with your Mother?

Join Shannon for a 3 Part Telecall in this invitation to go Beyond Your Mother. We will dive into all the most twisted, hidden, most foundational, fundamental places and spaces where we create our lives, realities, limitations, and personalities.

Whether you love your Mother, hate your Mother, respect your Mother, struggle with your Mother, don’t know your Mother, compete with your Mother, don’t want to be judged by your Mother, feel stuck in the relationship with your Mother, have a primary relationship with your Mother and have never gone beyond your Mother; these calls will address ALL!

No matter what the situation, relationship or dynamic with your Mother, there is so much room for clearing and change. Whether she is alive or without a body now… this Mom stuff really sticks around!

If you are a Mother, this class will be for you. If you have a Mother, this class will be for you.

What if no family limited you?  Would you like a world like that?

Let’s unlock the key that our Mothers can be.

Welcome to Beyond Mother.




June 22nd – 7am (CET) – Your Time & Date
June 23rd – 7am (CET) –  Your Time & Date
June 24th – 7am (CET) –  Your Time & Date


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Please read the Terms and Conditions