Empowering Sex & Relationship
6 part ZOOM ❥ ONLINE

//Empowering Sex & Relationship
6 part ZOOM ❥ ONLINE
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What if there was no such thing as ‘happily ever after’?

What if you had to create your happiness in relationship?

What if relationship was to give you more of you and make your life easier and more fun?

Have you been successful at creating the kinds of relationships that expand your life and make it more fun?

Whether you are already in relationship or desire to have a relationship that actually works for you, the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness can show you the way to more ease, joy and glory with relationships.

Every relationship creates or destroys a future.

Every sexual encounter creates or destroys a possibility.

Every choice creates an awareness.

If you are like most hominoids, you desire something different, you will never be satisfied with the perfect relationship because that’s conclusion and you love creation!

Join Shannon & Max for a 6 part ZOOM on all topics Sex and Relationship.

We care about relationships, we desire to see people happy and deeply fulfilled in an empowered way. Now what’s it going to take to create that?

Will you join us for the chance to really change what prevents you from having the sex or relationship (they don’t have to come together) that will make your life a lighter, brighter place?

You will receive:

  • 2 Zooms per month for 3 months
  • Shannon & Max will do one of the Zoom sessions alone and 4 together.
  • In total: 6 deep Zooms, 4 with both Shannon & Max, 1 with Max & 1 with Shannon!

Your investment:

  • Purchase the FULL series for $500 USD*
  • Subcription payment of $90 USD per Zoom* (=total $540 USD)
    * Access Consciousness Country pricing applies and will be automatically calculated at check-out.
    Please be aware that our website charges in USD, and we have no control over what conversion rates/fees your bank will charge you.

Zoom dates:

Dates and times for the last two Zooms will be announced as we get a bit closer.


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