9-Month Gold Pull Series Extension 2023 | ONLINE

All around us is the resource for greater. Our points of view access and pull greater to us, or push it away. Do you allow yourself to yearn, and pull […]

Right Riches For You Intermediate
April 2023 | Paris & Online

Right Riches for You Intermediate brings us closer to the true magic of receiving. After clearing many points of view and judgments around money, wealth and riches in the Right […]

Spirits of the Earth
Online | May 2023

Beyond the mind and bombardment of man is a magical world where our little, big, different and happy friends live. Like the microbiology that exists throughout all of nature, so […]

Right Riches For You Facilitator Training
May 2023 | Italy

Can you imagine a world where no one had ever heard of or believed in the concept of lack? A world where those that chose would access to the infinite […]

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