Creating With Earth:
A year long adventure of being as unlimited as the Earth.

Are you ready to create with the EARTH? Join Gary Douglas, Dr. Dain Heer, Simone Milasas, Brendon Watt and Shannon O'Hara a new year-long program inviting you to access the energies that generate with the Earth, in your body and your being.

The Vagina Class Extension

What untapped ability, awareness, possibility and transformation can your body and vagina gift and are you perceiving and receiving it?

The Talk to the Entities Advanced Telecall
January 2021

Welcome to the Talk to the Entities Advanced! Discover the power of creation & magic of receiving from entities. Do you have the courage to be the magnificent gift that you are?

Ancestral Myths
February 2021

What myths do you believe are real? The myth of family, that family is everything, of obligation and responsibility? The myth of bloodline and all that binds and bonds?

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