Episode 32. | Food

How many points of view about food have you been sold and told? Do you desire more ease with your body? Are you creating your body through judgment or are you creating it through honor, allowance, vulnerability, trust, and gratitude? 

Today, Shannon is joined by her husband Max Zoulek to talk about food and the body. If you’re going to talk about food, you have to talk about bodies and the body’s reality. You can’t really separate the two. How many different things have you tried, whether it’s diets or superfoods or other food fads? How much have you tried to solve a problem that you’ve decided exists with your body? 

Learn how to start asking the body, listening to the body, and accessing your awareness by destroying and uncreating all of the points of view that you’ve come to, that you’ve bought, that you’ve sold, and that you use to control your body about food.

What if you started listening to the body rather than imposing your point of view about what you should eat and what your body should look like? 

Key takeaways:

  • What have you made food that it isn’t?
  • Asking the body and listening to the body
  • If you have a body problem, food is not the issue
  • How can you always be in the question about food? 
  • Your point of view creates your body
  • Kindness with food


Max Zoulek 
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