My Vision


What would you be like today, if you were empowered to be you from the day you were born?

YOU matter, YOU count, YOU have more power than you probably want to recognize. I am not just saying this to you in text on a computer screen, not really being part of your world. I am here with you now, I care. I am here with you, you are not alone. I am here with you as well as all the beautiful, brave beings who care for you and all the choices you have never made and the greatness you can be if you will choose it.

We are all here and we are never going away.

You have never failed, you may just not have chosen yet? Is now the time? What do you know that you have been pretending not to know and denying that you know that if you knew it would change not just your life but those around you?

Would you choose to be that person today even if others judged you for it and even if it scared you?

Shall we create our lives or just live the ones we are given?

Shall we create the world or live in the world that’s happening around us? My vision for the world is one where people are empowered, where they are choosing, living, enjoying and caring for themselves and the planet, allowing others to be who they are and knowing and trusting in the greatness, abundance and joy of the infinite universe.

My vision for the world is one where people don’t judge rather question. Where the beauty of the planet is treasured and stewarded, rather than used and abused. A world where we choose to be Conscious rather than pretend that we don’t know. A world where depth of knowing is practiced and exercised. A world where we recognize and embrace our interconnection with one another rather than live in separation.

What is your vision?

Do you desire a greater and more conscious Future?

What if you could have a life of easy, joy and glory? Would you like a life like that? And what choices could you make to create a greater, more conscious life?

I truly desire for everyone and the planet to be conscious and happy! It is my absolute honor and pleasure to bring to you two very different and life-changing possibilities. The Shannon O'Hara Memberships are my contribution to creating a lighter, brighter, happier and more conscious future...

What will you choose?


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