Conscious Money

Is money your friend or your foe?
I would like to introduce you to money as a possibility rather than a problem; money as a gift for following the joy and energy in your life.
Sound airy fairy? Well, who cares as long as it works.
This is not a get rich quick scheme, this is a deep adjustment of your entire monetary reality.

What if money were not the problem but only the symptom of a deeper issue?

What if money could be easy for you?
 What would have to change for you to have that?

Now, are you willing to make those changes?
Let’s dive into how changing our consciousness can change the way money shows up in our lives and the joy, ease and peace we can have with it if we are willing to be different!

What possibility can money be that you have never imagined?


Right Riches For You

At the time, I was living in my converted VW Westfalia van, being really counter-culture and loving it. My van was awesome. I had dropped out of art college and was drifting around wondering what to do with my life. I thought the reason I was going to the class was because my dad was […]

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金钱 $

 Shannon O'Hara · 金钱 $ 在金钱MONEY $ 上进行有趣且即兴的 Facebook 直播(回放)! 更多来自香农的金钱资源: Blog 中文 “所有的金钱都向我来的轻松、喜悦和充满荣耀” 意识无处不在Consciousness Anywhere播客:

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E76:假若金钱不是问题? 金钱访谈:香农·奥哈拉和加利·道格拉斯

Shannon O'Hara · E76:假若金钱不是问题? 金钱访谈:香农·奥哈拉和加利·道格拉斯   欢迎来到【意识无处不在】Consciousness Anywhere 播客的金钱采访系列。 我将采访对我的金钱意识影响最大的人,他们改变了我可以与金钱&与金钱一起创造的方向。我希望你喜欢,学习一些东西,并且对金钱有更多的和平平静。

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