Conscious Money - Shannon O'Hara

Conscious Money

Is money your friend or your foe?
I would like to introduce you to money as a possibility rather than a problem; money as a gift for following the joy and energy in your life.
Sound airy fairy? Well, who cares as long as it works.
This is not a get rich quick scheme, this is a deep adjustment of your entire monetary reality.

What if money were not the problem but only the symptom of a deeper issue?

What if money could be easy for you?
 What would have to change for you to have that?

Now, are you willing to make those changes?
Let’s dive into how changing our consciousness can change the way money shows up in our lives and the joy, ease and peace we can have with it if we are willing to be different!

What possibility can money be that you have never imagined?


Peace with Money

I did not grow up in a household that had peace with money. How about you? My first education with money from a very early age was that of stress, conflict and upset. So I thought this is what money should feel like in my life. Throughout my twenties, I had tons of stress, conflict, […]

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Tales of a Dyslexic ex Hippy - How I got Rich!

Do you love money or hate money? I know, crass question. What if the simple reality of whether you love or hate of money was at the absolute core of your monetary situation in this moment? I have watched people for years and years, work and work and work at improving their money situation and inevitably […]

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A Story of Receiving

I just got a whole new depth of receiving today. Over Christmas, my husband and I had an interesting thing ‘happen’ where I was not allowed transit through New Zealand to go to Houston to spent the holiday with my family. Our tickets were on Air New Zealand =) So we had a choice to […]

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