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If you acknowledged your awareness, what would change? If you recognized that every psychological feeling was actually the lower harmonic of a perception that you’re having, how much would that change the way you see the world and function in the world?

Today, Shannon explores perceiving, one of the quintessential pieces of the Access Consciousness® curriculum. Perceiving, knowing, being, and receiving are stepping stones for accessing more consciousness, embodying more consciousness, and changing all energies with ease. 

Listen to learn how to access greater possibilities with perception and how to begin understanding and exploring it as awareness rather than calling it feelings. Is your life about possibilities? Or is your life about defining reality? What choice can you make today to create a more conscious future right away? 

Key takeaways:

  • Feelings are the lower harmonic of perceiving
  • Awareness is not feelings
  • Perception is not a mental process
  • Perception is always changing
  • Perceiving the future
  • Ask: What is perceiving?


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