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Become an Affiliate for PM

How does it work?

Welcome to a very different possibility and a very special affiliate program….

SUBSCRIPTION AFFILIATE is different from other affiliate programs in that you will  receive ongoing payments for the duration of all successful affiliate subscriptions until the product delivery is complete or the customer cancels their subscription. How does it get even better than that?

This is a wonderful space to create exciting revenue streams while spreading the magical PM sparkle of consciousness throughout the land.

We have all kinds of amazing resources to share with you and look forward to finding out what is truly possible. What can we create together that has never been created before?

What does it cost to join?

It’s ABSOLUTELY FREE to become a Premium Membership Affiliate.

How much are the commissions?

You will receive:

•10% on all successful first-time Premium Membership billings

•10% on all successful Premium Membership re-billing

You will be receiving ongoing payments for the duration of all successful affiliate Premium Memberships until the customer cancels their Membership.

How does sales tracking work?

The system we are working with is PayKickStart (PKS). You will be provided with videos and guides on everything you need to become a successful Affiliate

How do I get paid?

All commissions are paid via PayPal quarterly.

What marketing materials are available?

A range of product images, promotional banners & memes, videos, Soundcloud audios is all available in your Affiliate Resource Area. This will all be instantly available to you once you are officially registered as a PM Affiliate or “Subscription Affiliate”.

Become an Affiliate for Premium Membership