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Consciousness Anywhere with Shannon O’Hara

Welcome to the Consciousness Anywhere Podcast with Shannon O’Hara. What if consciousness was everywhere and anywhere? In your daily life, in your relationships, in your body, in your bank account and waiting to be discovered in every moment. Welcome to a totally new experience, hosted by Shannon O’Hara, long time Access Consciousness® facilitator and inspirational being, that will give you access to a totally new world of possibilities.

Join Shannon and her amazing friends for conversations in consciousness, that will lead to awesome awarenesses, practical tips and tools for accessing more easy, joy and glory in changing every area of your life and creating a beyond-phenomenal living.

How does it get better than this?


EPISODE 1 | . What Would You Like to Choose?

You can have an easy life, you just have to choose it. Shannon O’Hara shares the inspirational story of her journey from suicidal depression to running a multi-million dollar business, traveling the world and experiencing joy in everything she does. In her very first podcast, she explores how you can experience all of life with ease and joy and glory.

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EPISODE 2 | . Sex & Lust

What is lust anyway? What if lust was “the energy that makes bodies want to live?” How different is that from what we’ve learned from this reality? In this episode Lisa Henriksson shares her experiences with Shannon, with sex and lust, how to achieve the joy of embodiment, and what it takes to experience the magic of what else is possible with sex that is caring, curious, and fun.

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EPISODE 3 | . Sex 

Join Shannon and her husband Max as they get real and vulnerable discussing, exposing, and discovering their sexual journey and experiences through their own relationship with each other. Listen to hear how sex can be healing, orgasmic, and so much more when both partners are willing to open up to receiving, be real with each other, and get curious about what else is possible with pleasure and intimacy of sex.

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EPISODE 4 | . Creating 2019 

Are you ready to create your life? Creation is something that is often at times gravely misunderstood, but also desperately essential for all of our lives.  Join Shannon in this episode and discover how to choose what you would like to create this year and to understand what true creation is. What if you could create beyond your wildest dreams? And what if you knew you couldn’t fail?

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