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Purchase Subscription
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  • A monthly LIFE BLAST call with Shannon –  Ask questions live on the call or submit ahead of time and contribute to the monthly topics.

  • Clearing Loop & Written PDF included for even more dynamic shift & change

  • Special Premium Member Facebook Group where Shannon is present for questions and welcomes input on upcoming PM topics.

  • “I ❤️PM” appreciation gifts and surprises from Shannon

  • Exclusive access to the Premium Membership Secret Shop.

Thank you Shannon 🌹very grateful for your gift here 🌈and the creation of the monthly membership 🤗 What else is possible now? 

E.D, Nov, 2017

I am so grateful to be part of this amazing group who are choosing more and more every day.
Thank you Shannon O’Hara and your team of wonderful ladies who push me and us every day to be greater.

A.S, Dec, 2018

I was so blown away from the first call, that I fell asleep during the call. But I re-listened to it several times and I love it! So happy to join the journey! 💃Thank you for this programme and truly, what else is possible beyond, beyond, beyond? Looking forward to hear and see you.

A.S, Dec, 2017

Wow Shannon, I’m so grateful. Every month your right on the money with what’s up in my world.

G.F, Nov, 2018
Being on the December call and buying the Nov avoiding call have opened up spaces for me – thank you and what else is possible?
J.S, Nov, 2018

I was so grateful when I first heard the replay and now resistant to hearing it again. It requires me to lose a lot, acknowledge what I would rather not acknowledge, choose different. So much rage, anger, fury and hate showing up which is not the usual me. Thanks a lot Shannon for stirring things up. So glad I chose this membership.

S.K, April, 2018