Consciousness Diet

USD $ 350.00

Welcome to the Consciousness Diet! 

During 3 sessions, you will dive into a different possibility around food and bodies with Max & Shannon.

How many points of view do you have about food?

And how many of those are not yours?

Is food pleasure or pain for you?

Prerequisite: The Foundation

This class is in English.

Class is also available in the following languages:
FrançaisItaliano中文 | العربية | Deutsch

Full price for the class is $350 USD.
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Welcome to the consciousness diet; out of control and totally aware.

Join Max & Shannon for deep clearing and a completely different way of choosing with your body and food.

Your unique body knows what works for it. It always knows better for itself than anyone else.

Get over the insanity with food and into the question that will create your body as it would like to be.

Shannon O'Hara · Consciousness Diet


3 x 90 Minute Pre – Recorded Telecall via mp3 Audio
3 x Clearing loops mp3
3 x Written clearings PDF


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