12 Life Changing Months : 05
To Pretend Or Not Pretend

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How often is brutal honesty the name of the game in life?

Is there any part of your life you are not being honest with yourself? I know, big silly question! What if you could be honest with you and pretend were needed with everyone else? How often do you end up buying your own act as a way of fitting in or not being judged?

How’s that working for you?
What would happen and what would have to change if you stopped pretending with you and got real clear? Do you dare?

Discover all topics from this series:

To Commit or not to Commit?  |  Whispers of Possibility   |   Potency of Caring pt-1pt-2  |  The Threat of Happiness  |  Sex-the next Frontier  |  Life Beyond this Reality  |  Creating Beyond Family pt-1  /  pt-2  |  Thanks!  |  The Return of the True Lord  |  FULL SERIES




12 Life Changing Months is a 12-part call series that covers everything you need to make life work. Using the amazing tools of Access Consciousness to change and transform all the energies that run in the background of our lives affecting and controlling everything.

Starting with the importance of commitment to you; followed by everything from family, to money, caring, going beyond this reality, sex and so much more.

Have you sought and looked and struggled and worked hard and gained and lost and seen flickering glimpses of the life you truly desire yet never seem to have?

Have you given up? Are you still hoping? Are you committed to something that you don’t even know what it is yet?

Do you desire to change your life and the world for real?

Let this class and all its processes help you to go beyond what may have been impossible for you and change your LIFE!

Each call is 1.5 hrs - includes a PDF of all clearing processes from the call and an audio loop for deeper clearing power.

Discover all 12-parts here:

Call #1:  To Commit or not to Commit?
Call #2:  Whispers of Possibility
Call #3:  Potency of Caring pt-1
Call #4:  Potency of Caring pt-2
Call #5:  To Pretend or not to Pretend?
Call #6:  The Threat of Happiness
Call #7:  Sex-the next Frontier
Call #8:  Life Beyond this Reality
Call #9:  Creating Beyond Family pt-1
Call #10:  Creating Beyond Family pt-2
Call #11:  Thanks!
Call #12:  The Return of the True Lord




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