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Beyond Learning Disorders Telecall

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If you are a dyslexic, ADHD or any other ‘learning disablity’ survivor, we will do some deep clearings to chang the social redicule and judgment you susteind all you scholastic life.

If you are the parent of a learning diferent child, this class will teach you how to strengthen your childs ability rather then suffer their perscribed disablity.

*This class will touch on autisum but it will not be the main focuse of this class. If youwish to learn more about the abilites of autisum please read ‘Would You Teach a Fish to Climb a Tree'*

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Shannon O'Hara · Beyond Learning Disorders

Join Shannon to go beyond what we have been taught to belive about how we learn and what we do to our selves to fit into the prescribed learning structures of this realty.

As a dyslexic and member of the ADHD comunity, I was raised in ‘special education’ classes.

There are many, many hugly wealthy, successful and down right brillient ‘learning disabled’ people in the world and I am one of them.

It’s time to change the way we look at how we learn, teach and express.

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