Body Energy Exercises for the Earth

USD $ 300.00

Beyond your mind is where your body lives.

Beyond your problems is where the earth lives.

Engage with the elements of all for maximum relaxation and pleasure.

Join Shannon for 6 amazing Body Energy Exercises for the Earth!

** These calls are in English. **

Country pricing applies and is automatically calculated. Full price for this series is $300 USD.



May your inner garden thrive and the seeds for great joy blossom.
Sooth your system, down to your nerve and tissue through relaxation.
Melt through your feet into the strong earth and grow with its power.
Every day allow your body to connect with the sun, moon, ocean and all elementals.
If the sparkle in your brain dulls, stop thinking and flush the head with light.
Living is bright and clear, dying is cool and soft. Heavy is distraction.
Restore through body kindness, swell…………….


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