Bootcamp in Body Talk

USD $ 350.00

Join Shannon O’Hara and Katarina Wallentin for Boot Camp in Body Talk!
7 sessions in 7 days.
30 min per day of body chat and a body adventure!

Anywhere from making a smoothie your body actually desires, going for an Earth Meditation Walk, run your implant bands, stand in the sunshine and breath, go to the edges of your body and get how big you are!

Are you willing to have pleasure with your body?

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Boot Camp In Body Talk

The one thing that you can count on being with you in quarantine or self-isolation is YOUR BODY!

What if this is the time to start listening to your body in ways you never have before — and even co-create with it?

Get your BFF (best friend forever) back!

Included in the product:

  • Boot Camp in Body Talk Schedule PDF
  • Day 1 - Golden Light Guided Energy Exercise Audio mp3 & Video mp4
  • Day 2 - Meditation Walk with the Earth Audio mp3
  • Day 3 - Gyrokinesis Session Audio mp3 & Video mp4
  • Day 4 - Symphony of Possibilities Group Session Taster Audio mp3 & Video mp4
  • Day 5 - Undoing the effects of Computer Posture & Energy Audio mp3 & Video mp4
  • Day 6 - Self Bars & MTVSS Audio mp3 & Video mp4
  • Day 7 - Choose Your Favourite Audio mp3 & Video mp4


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