Beyond Your Mother Advanced

USD $ 925.00

How many of you completely love your Mother and have been stuck in, or limited by that relationship?

What relationships are you using to create the limited YOU you've been choosing?

Is it time to GO way beyond ...... ?

Welcome to the Beyond Your Mother Advanced Telecall!

DEEP DIVE with Shannon into unlocking the MOST pervasive familial limitations...

What would it take to out-create all stories and ALL familial realities with ease?

What can we change and COMPLETELY TRANSFORM?

What if family never limited you again? What if NOTHING limited you again? Would you like a world like that?

Have you got the prerequisite: Beyond Your Mother 3 PART TELECALL?
Also available as a complete series: Beyond Your Mother THE FULL SERIES.

**This class is in English**

This class is also available in FRANCAIS

Country pricing applies and is automatically calculated.



7 x 90 Minute Pre – Recorded Telecall via mp3 Audio
7 x Clearing loops mp3
7 x Written clearings PDF

PRE-REQUISITES: Beyond your Mother 3-part Introduction Telecall - purchase HERE


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