Club Consciousness
August 2022

USD $ 85.00

AI & Demons

How many of you created minds and artificial intelligence systems to function in this reality?

Judgement is what allows demons and artificial intelligence to anchor into your psychology.

The way that you break artificial intelligence, is not to use right, wrong, good and bad as a reference points to anything.

Are you willing to destroy and uncreate all the places where you will only choose what artificial intelligence dictates and determines is real?

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Welcome to the AI & Demons August 2022 call from Club Consciousness!

You don’t need to have artificial intelligence to function with your family. You just need to know what it is they need to hear to make that relationship work, until you can go away.

Allowance is the superpower that allows transformation of energy. Reaction is not a superpower, reaction makes you be at the effect of what you are aware of.

Have you created a mind and AI systems to function in this reality? To always have an answer? To go on autopilot?

Shannon O'Hara · AI & Demons

1 x 90 Minute Pre - Recorded call
1 x Verbal Process Clearing Mp3
1 x Written Clearing PDF



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