Club Consciousness
September 2022

USD $ 85.00

Best Judge Contest

What consciousness can you claim, own and acknowledge that would expand the molecules of consciousness throughout the universe?

Judgment is a choice. As soon as you realize you’re judging yourself, just stop. Don’t go there. Remember it doesn’t create what you want. Instead, be honest with yourself and acknowledge the truth of what’s going on.

Are you willing to lose this reality and go through the wormhole of transformation?

This call is in ENGLISH.

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Welcome to the Best Judge Contest - September 2022 call from Club Consciousness!

How you choose to function in your own universe, is the only thing you can actually control. When you judge, you are insane.

With enough time, everything turns into a gift. The less judgmental you are, the faster the gift can maturate.

If you will always embrace wrongness as a recognition that you are actually getting stronger, I wonder how that could reverse engineer the stupidity of this reality in your favor?

Shannon O'Hara · Best Judge Contest

1 x 90 Minute Pre - Recorded call
1 x Verbal Process Clearing Mp3
1 x Written Clearing PDF



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