Create Your Life: The Playground of Possibilities

USD $ 500.00

In this creating your life class Shannon will be breaking down the creation of your life into 5 topics:

  1. BODY
  3. SEX
  4. MONEY

These are the main and primary aspects of our lives that so many people torture and turmoil themselves with and around. Once these topics/areas are happy and at peace then what can you create?

How much of your life and your creative energy is caught up and distracted by lack of ease and joy in the area of bodies, relationships, sex, money and your creative vision? Do you desire to have ease and joy in all these areas and once you did, then what would and could you create?

Pre-reqs Access Bars & The Foundation




4 x LIVE recorded Video Streams of each class (no video for Create Your Life - Money)
5 x Downloadable Audio mp3's

In this Create Your Life - The Playground of Possibilities class, we will be addressing, learning and exploring creating our lives through these 5 topics.

  • If you had a happy body, what would your life be like?
  • If you had peace and ease with money, what energy and time would that free up for other creations?
  • If your relationships were expansive, fun and a contribution, what would that create in the world?
  • If you have your sexual reality, whatever that is, with no judgment, what would that create in your life, body and relationships?
  • And if you followed your dreams, listened to your awareness, prioritized what enthuses your heart and committed your life to what you know works for you, what would that be like?
  • What masterpiece called ‘You’ could you create?

Join me on the journey of creating beyond your limitations and the clarification of what you can be working on and playing with today that will create the life, living and reality you desire now and into the future right away.


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